More Than Your Average Amenities

Assembly is the neighborhood’s center of gravity for all day dining, working, caffeinating and entertaining – integrating elements from your favorite local coffee shop, hotel lobby, full-service restaurant and coworking space. Beginning with early morning gourmet coffee and ending with late night craft cocktails, Assembly keeps long hours, just like you do.

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Work-Life Balance

After you fuel up at one of Assembly’s many options, the brand new Gold’s Gym is there to welcome you and nourish your body with your choice of heart elevating group classes, private fitness or best in the industry machines. Whatever your preferred work out style, Gold’s Gym has a space for you.

Gold's Gym
Panera Bread

What You Need When You Need It

AREPx provides AREP’s tenants with a seamless and curated experience specific to each individual property, delivering hyperlocal content, amenities, programming, and digital access throughout the property. Through AREPx, tenants will be able to enter the building, book conference space, provide guest access, engage with their property team, get access to exclusive AREPx Perks, order food and stay up to date on community and building events through notifications and news that’s relevant to them.